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Are Oracle and Linux a perfect match?

Oracle thinks so, and you have a chance to find out why. ServerCare Senior DBA Brent Bigonger gives “Oracle 101” presentation for the San Diego Linux Users Group (SDLUG). This presentation will give a basic overview of the Oracle database as well as Oracle’s relationship with open source software. Brent is a Senior Oracle DBA that will be presenting “Best Practices” as well as many of his experiences with Oracle on Linux.

This meeting is aimed at enterprise decision makers as well as anyone with a basic understanding of Information Technology. Brent will be available after the presentation to answer all Oracle related questions that may be specific to your environment. Take advantage of the FREE chance to ask an Oracle expert any technical questions you may have!! The meeting is free and so are the pizza and refreshments.

ServerCare senior DBA’s make several presentations at the Oracle International Users Group (IOUG) in Las Vegas.

Thomas Canty will present ‘A Tuning Methodology using SQL Modeling’. For many years Thomas has used a simple diagramming technique to quickly describe SQL to highlight performance issues, remove redundancy, and validate logic. Through many client engagements, he has seen various production performance problems that must be solved as quickly as possible, and the techniques presented herein address the most common area, SQL tuning. This paper will provide a DBA’s perspective on production issues, so that a developer can then use this methodology to address performance before production.

Brent Bigonger will present ‘Data Guard 10g Best Practices and Tuning’. With the complexity of an Oracle Data Guard configuration consisting of many different components that rely on one another, performance and optimal setup can play a vital role in the success of a Data Guard implementation. Throughout this best practices and tuning guide Brent will describe best practices he has learned from many successful Data Guard configurations.

Natik Ameen will present ‘RAC 10g Best Practices and Tuning’. When dealing with troubleshooting and tuning related issues, a systematic and controlled process needs to be adopted. At times, it may be necessary to tune poor responding queries from the top downwards and at other times we may need to tune from the hardware, upwards. This paper primarily deals with identifying the tuning areas, which are more specific to the RAC. The information discussed here will compliment techniques already available to troubleshoot standalone database environments. Natik will also list tuning related best practices for the different areas of the architecture, which can help avoid loss of database service.

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